• Genre: Utopia
  • Release Date: 2013-01-15
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Episodes: 6
  • iTunes Price: GBP 5.94


When an unconnected set of people find themselves in possession of the manuscript for a legendary graphic novel, their lives brutally implode as they are pursued by a shadowy and murderous organization...


Title Time Price
1 Episode 1 1:00:56 GBP 0.99 Buy on iTunes



  • "Chillies, Sand, Bleach, and a spoon"

    By Richy_Sutton
    It's bizarre, insane, and violent, but so captivating. It's a sorry tale about a "Network" trying to locate a manuscript, but, there's so much more to it that that! Buy it!!
  • Best thing on TV

    By Mike G Lancaster
    Haven't seen a show as gripping as this since I don't know when. Great story, wonderful script, fantastic characters, it looks amazing and even the music's good. TV doesn't get any better than this.
  • Don't put the gas away yet.

    By Christian_BS
    I was absolutely glued to this series from the first episode. Brilliantly written, shot, and acted; great performances in particular from Oliver and Amelia! This show does something that LOST, as desperately as it may have tried, rather failed (in my opinion) to do; it creates a constant, unrelenting tension. There's no denying that it is downright gritty if not plain gory in parts, but not distastefully; it all adds to the tension and sense of unease present throughout. The series also has a unique visual appeal; much of the shots are very squarely shot mirroring nicely the comic book vector of the plot. Not to mention the imaginative use of the colour yellow, really emphasising the daylight horror nature of parts of the programme. Oh, and I must mention the brilliantly cold, suspenseful soundtrack by Cristobal Tapia de Veer. Do have a look at it! In short, it is a brilliant series both technically and in terms of entertainment. It's a wonderfully visceral experience, and even if you are new to conspiracy thrillers as I was, it's the best way I can think of to be introduced to the genre.
  • Mind Blowing...

    By N01danny01
    Simply Immense…
  • No HD? No Excuse.

    By JP Hackworth
    Since this was transmitted in HD there is no excuse for not offering an HD version for download. My rating is for the material not its slipshod presentation.
  • The Best British Show!

    Finally a programme to be proud of! It’s a shame not more people have heard of this fantastic programme. Everything about this is beautiful, colour palette, cinematography, music, lighting, acting, it’s all superb. I defy anyone to watch the opening and not jump up and down with glee.
  • Utopia series 1

    Without doubt this is the biggest load of tripe I have ever downloaded. It does really have a proper plot, a ludicrous scientific base, and the story is frequently quite inconsistent - giving the impression this is written by a committee of authors who did not communicate with each other. The vicarious violence does not relieve the mindless boredom and after struggling through five programmes, I shall not bother to find out what happened in the sixth
  • WHY NO HD?!

    By minip23
    Absolutely amazing TV series, one of the most captivating and outrageous ones on the small screen right now… It's just a massive, massive shame this isn't in HD, that'll be the thing that'll nudge me to the point of purchase. Sort it out iTunes!
  • Who needs HD?

    By SnorriSnorrison
    Fantastic series, great plot, great acting, great action. HD wouldn't add anything to the experience at all - it's too good to miss out on for such a trivial nit.
  • one of the most immersive tv shows ever

    By SaQki
    brilliant and thought provoking series. I was instantly hooked. Visually stunning, therefore, will wait until released on HD or if Apple do not do it purchase on Blu-ray.