Alan Partridge, The Complete Collection

Alan Partridge, The Complete Collection

I'm Alan Partridge

  • Genre: I'm Alan Partridge
  • Release Date: 1994-09-16
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Episodes: 19
  • iTunes Price: GBP 19.99


Alan Gordon Partridge is Steve Coogan's most famous and celebrated comic character, not to mention Norwich's favourite chat show host. After humble beginnings as a sports reporter and commentator on The Day Today, he became the host of his very own chat show - Knowing Me, Knowing You…with Alan Partridge. Aha! Sadly this was to be the pinnacle of Alan's television career and after accidentally killing one of his guests live on air, he finds himself working the graveyard shift on Radio Norwich while living at the Linton Travel Tavern. It's not long before Alan bounces back though; he gets the third best slot on the radio station, writes an autobiography and finds a 33-year-old girlfriend called Sonja. Back of the net!


Title Time Price
1 Knowing Me, Knowing You, Episode 1 28:49 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes



  • 30 seconds??????

    By Duncan's grandad
    I bought these on the understanding that these were the full episodes! Don't buy them as they are only 30 seconds long!!!! Not happy at all
  • AAAAHAAAAAAAA! at last!

    By Clooney 74
    absolbloodyexactly! mikebcool is telling the truth, THIS is well written, very funny british comedy. steve coogan is a genius....even if he cant do a small man in a box!! brilliant, buy it! Very cheap for all three series.
  • At his best

    By mikebcool
    This is a masterpiece of British comedy.
  • Care - KMKYWAP has been butchered :(

    By Paolo1980
    If you want the full versions of Knowing Me, Knowing You, then go elsewhere. These have been chopped to bits, leaving out scenes which were on the VHS versions. Surely these digital versions should be the best versions to purchase? They're not - so buyer beware :(
  • Doesn't work

    By bcburrows
    So with my latest iteration of macbook pro, latest operating system and up to date iTunes, these don't play - simply states it needs a version of quicktime that is not compatible with this software….. Apple this is very very poor! Your own content will not work on your own machines and your own software - Do I need to buy windows to get it to work?
  • Don't get taken for a mug

    By diesel1964
    Buy the three disc set from sainsburys. £10 and un edited. Five stars for Alan partridge, one star for iTunes.
  • Steve Coogan at his very best

    By Tail End Charlie
    The wonderful thing with I Tunes there's always something to match your mood. Ah ha Alan Partridge did the job nicely thank you (go on try it)
  • Whats with the edits????

    By Brockyz
    Love these shows, that's obvious otherwise I wouldn't have bought them... Just one massive annoyance though.... Why do the episodes have so much edited out???? Especially KMKY... And the quality of some if the edits are shocking, really badly placed and interrupting continuity. They are more edited here than when repeated on TV. I don't expect that, no matter how much of a bargain they are. Can't help but feel short changed by this purchase... Picky I know, but it's sooooo annoying!!
  • iTunes version

    By Truthteller101
    The editing of this version is shocking with very obvious take outs it's not what I paid £15 for !!!!