Ugly Betty, Season 3

Ugly Betty, Season 3

Ugly Betty

  • Genre: Ugly Betty
  • Release Date: 2008-09-15
  • Episodes: 24
  • iTunes Price: GBP 17.99
  • iTunes HD Price: GBP 19.99


Start spreading the news . . . the fashion world’s beloved but fashionably challenged Betty is back! Besides the ups and downs of her romantic life, she’s growing up and working her way up at work, but things might be changing more quickly than she thought. Packed full of the same razor-sharp wit and jaw-dropping fashion we’ve come to love, Season 3 of this Emmy® Award-winning hit is ready to prove that if she can make it there, she can make it anywhere.


Title Time Price
1 The Manhattan Project 43:09 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes



  • A brilliant series besides one flaw

    By Patrick100
    I have been an Ugly Betty fan since the beginning and have always stuck to it, even when I hated it at first lol. The last season of Ugly Betty was great but very surreal, and a lot of it was unfortunately rushed due to the writers strike. Season 3 is 6 episodes longer and has a much more believable and clever storyline. What's even better is that this is the first season to actually be filmed in New York :D! It includes some of the best episodes yet like The Manhattan Project, Filling for the Enemy, Crush'd, Granny Pants, Ugly Berry and the brilliant final episode which will leave you on the edge of your seat! However there are some negative points about this series. First of all, I couldn't help but get quite bored of some of the episodes. They did not have that magical Ugly Betty feel, with a cliff hanger at the end which really makes you want to see what happens next. Fortunately almost all of the episodes are wonderful! Overall, an absolutely brilliant series and I can't wait to see what happens next :D. Reccomended episodes: The Manhattan Project, Filling for the Enemy, Crush'd, Granny Pants, Ugly Berry, Dress for Success, Rabbit Test, Curveball and The Fall Issue :D.

    By hejones95
    The whole of the ugly betty series are great! I have downloaded them all. However, the episode: Ugly Betty, is actually called Ugly Berry and the episode Crush'd is 7th, just before Tornado Girl

    By racheymack
    LOVE ugly betty !!!! but £2.49 per episode - RIDCULOUS please lower the price i-tunes!
  • Season 4??

    By singhsong2
    Where is Season 4...? Has it not aired yet in the UK? I would love to be able to purchase from the US but that's not possible, so please please can you upload season 4 for us UB addicts!? thanks.
  • Ugly betty is fab!!!

    By Little Miss Bubbles
    Ugly betty is great and we watch it every wednesday but this i really overpriced, plus it takes up too much memory. You could get each episode u like individually though for £1.80 something. That way you get the episodes you like in particular. I wouldn't reccomend you get this unless you have a 30 something gig ipod.
  • apple come of it!!!!!

    By Wuu2??
    i am number 1 fan of this show so why everytime i download an episode does it not let me!!!!???? it says processing and then says download error please try again so i do. then it says the first message again so unfair!!!!!
  • brilliant series

    By Big Bang YES
    Some of you may be in USA and I am in the UK but we haven't even seen the season 4 yet!!! And I am waiting can anyone tell when it is coming back in the UK! Bye
  • love ugly betty, hate the price !

    By Louiseee
    omg i just bought this series for just £20 from asda!, cant believe itunes are allowed 2 sell this for £58.99. Would definatly recomend buying this in adsa, love ugly betty though, its amazing !!!!!
  • mixed.

    By __Hannah__<3
    ok, we all agree ugly betty is amazing and one of the best tv programmes, but seriously £58.99! come on itunes sort it out! too explensive!
  • prices are upsetting me and others

    By Isabella.C.Thompson
    I think this is an outrage! and i totally understand melonn! i think that these episodes should at least be under £2. i mean it is probably cheaper to get sky! and record! unfortunatly i cannot afford that though :( credit crunch isnt helping this either! but on the brighter side im am happy to have bought this and i have watched a billion times and laugh my head off!