Michael Palin's New Europe, Series 1

Michael Palin's New Europe, Series 1

Michael Palin's New Europe

  • Genre: Michael Palin's New Europe
  • Release Date: 2007-09-16
  • Episodes: 7
  • iTunes Price: GBP 6.99


Join Michael Palin on his new adventure, through a Europe reborn — countries to the east of the continent, full of unexpected and forgotten delights. Michael starts his journey high in the Julian Alps on the border between Slovenia and Italy before travelling through the Balkans, the Black Sea and the Baltic States, he explores countries which may be newly formed but have rich and deep histories. In Poland, unknown to the paying commuters, Michael drives the 8.58am steam locomotive from Poznan to Wolsztyn. He joins the gathering of the 'White Brotherhood' in Bulgaria, finds out how to wrestle a camel in Turkey and in Estonia discovers exactly what it takes to walk across hot coals. By road, rail, river, sailboat and donkey through some of Eastern Europe's most mouth-watering locations, from Albania in the south to Latvia in the north, Michael meets new Europe's movers and shakers.


Title Time Price
1 War and Peace 54:59 GBP 1.89 Buy on iTunes



  • Bril

    By jam.ios
    This is a brilliant series, I really enjoyed watching it and was constantly looking forward to the next episode. You learn alot aswell as seeing the sights. Buy!!
  • Interesting series, poor quality encoding

    By ibosie
    I would readily buy this but picture quality is poor. For instance people's faces are blurred and pixelated.
  • Series was ok

    By tadunne
    but not as good as the previous ones (around the world in 80 days, pole to pole etc) get those on here and I'm there!
  • Where is episode 1?

    By Capt Cod
    Anyone know where the episode entitled 'War and Peace' is? - this features Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia etc
  • Where's the quality?

    By wastedyuthe
    Completely agree about the quality. Now the Apple TV is here we should be getting dvd quality tv shows. There's no excuse for low resolution video now. Even iPods can play dvd quality films from iTunes, so why do we still have to put up with blocky video- especially on a show like this one, where we get beautiful landscapes that we struggle to see properly. These shows are great, but if I wanted to buy it for my ATV or iPod, I'd rather buy the dvd and rip it myself.
  • from russia with love!

    By 83NnN!
    this was a great series! it really does show case the diffierences between the west and east of europe! however the quality of the video was dredful! i suggest buying this else were!