Private Practice, Season 1

Private Practice, Season 1

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  • 9 Episodes?

    By Emy-Lou
    I love this series and was downloading on a weekly basis until they suddenly stopped uploading new episodes. If you enjoyed Grey's I'm sure you'll like this. Tho' it may not be a good idea to watch if you are pregnant & emotional as it has a strong focus on babies (Addison is the lead OB/Gyn from Grey's...), not that it stopped me, I watched it and cried during most programmes. iTunes can you explain why this series hasn't been continued? ITS NOW JANUARY 2009 (at least 3 months since my original comments) AND STILL ONLY 9 EPISODES!!!! iTunes?! ITS NOW JANUARY 2009 (at least 3 months since my original commets) AND THERE ARE STILL ONLY 9 EPISODES. iTUNES?!
  • Addison shines brighter in Seattle.

    By satisfy_the_crave;
    Private Practice centers around Addison Montgomery, a world class surgeon and portrayed by Kate Walsh. Private Practice lacks the quirkiness and loveable charm that Grey's Anatomy does, its not a show you can watch and be entertained unless you've eatched Greys. And the truth is, its just not that good. Cooper, an online dater wants to settle down, but who with? Enter Violet, the crazy therapist who really needs therapy. She can't get over her ex boyfriend, and honestly the storyline lasts to long, at first it was funny but now its really annoying. And then we have Pete, the McSteamy of the Oceanside Wellness group and Addison's love interest. Despite all of Addison's romances in her past, she clearly hasn't learned a lot to deal with Pete. The only remotley interesting storyline Shonda has provided here is between the owners of the practice; Sam and Niomi. The two are divorced but clearly still harbour feelings for each other. And then we have Dell, the comic relief character who demands that you "respect my midwifery skills." Enough said. Four stars, because despite the unoriginal, tiring storylines, this show is still well written and the cast is very pretty. In season four of Grey's Anatomy, episode 13, Addison returns to Seattle Grace. The episode dropped some very heavy hints of a return, and was the high point of season four considering Private Practice doesn't do well in ratings over the pond and critics didn't like it, it looks like PP will slug on for another season or two before Kate Walsh and Addison return to the halls of Seattle Grace. And she still has plenty to come back for.
  • Annoyed

    By R-J-C
    I started watching this on Living TV as it was muched hiped and after getting a good review from from the resident telly expert on E! News over in the US. Which i'm glad i did watch it. It was witty funny and enjoyable/ easy watching for a tuesday night. Its was easy to relate to the chracters of the show shame it was such a short season dam writers stricke. but i must say i'm even more annoyed that i never got a chance or time to watch Grays Antomy to get to know the addison chracter and her past. I blame to many new shows coming out in the same year as Grays to watch it. But if ya like easy watching this show hits the spot.
  • Excellent

    By TashaKat
    Well worth the money. I can't say enough how good this series is :)
  • Fantastic Spin Off

    By peoplealwaysleave.musicisforever
    I don't think that it is as good as Grey's Anatomy but it can definatly hold it's own.I enjoy Addison and the situations that she gets into. I definatly can not wait for season two. I was a bit disappionted that the whole of season 1 was not on this offer but I'd buy it anyway.
  • Fantastic!

    By Bethnesia
    Private Practice had a bad start with the two hour special in Grey's Anatomy, but since then, it has just gotten better and better. It's become an absolutely outstanding show in its own right, with a great cast playing complex yet relatable characters and storylines which are always fresh and unpredictable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, even those who aren't fans of Grey's because this is a very different show.
  • Fresh as a daisy

    By SusannaHoffsfan
    This show is quirky funny and easily draws you in. The creators of greys anatomy have done it again.
  • No more episodes?????

    By gil08
    I have really been enjoying this series - but for some reason no new episodes have been added for over a month - has this series been pulled or have they just not been added.....? would really appreciate some feedback so I can stop checking itunes all of the time!!!! thanks
  • Private Practice, season 1

    By H P SAUCE
    great!! fascinating and keeps you on the edge of your seat,,, wanting to no what happens next.
  • Superior spin-off

    By CurlyWurly08
    This is a show that got better with each episode & as it distanced itself from Greys Anatomy. Don't watch this expecting Greys - Private Practice's characters are older & more mature, there is no musical bed-hopping & you won't find Addison dying & then being resurrected within the same episode ! Kate Walsh once again demonstrates her star quality & shines as Addison. To turn a 5-episode guest-role on Greys into a permanent character & then into her own spin-off is quite an achievement & shows her ability as an actress. Thankfully Shonda has capitalised on Kate's comedic background as Private Practice is far more lighter, funnier & enjoyable a watch than the angsty OTT drama of Greys. The writing for the 1st season was patchy, but the characters are all likeable & there is great chemistry within the ensemble cast of actors in their late 30s/40s. The core cast of 8 characters are experienced, talented actors & practically all are household-names in the US. As Shonda Rhimes said, this is the A-Team. The 1st season was the highest-rated new show of the 2007/08 US TV season, but was cut short by the writer's strike just as it was hitting its stride. Kate Walsh did make a one episode guest-appearance on Greys S4 in the interim, which wrapped up her stay in Seattle nicely. She won't be returning to that show unless further special 'crossovers' are planned. The show returns for a full Season 2 on October 1st in the US & on Living early 2009. From early reviews online, the S2 premiere is the best episode yet, & the writer's strike has by all accounts allowed the show the time to tighten the writing & find it's own direction. Hope ITunes has Season 2 available soon.