Doctor Who, Series 1 - 5

Doctor Who, Series 1 - 5

Doctor Who

  • Genre: Doctor Who
  • Release Date: 2005-03-26
  • Episodes: 72
  • iTunes Price: GBP 24.99


Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith star as the Time Lord across Series 1-5 of Doctor Who.


Title Time Price
1 Series 1, Episode 1: Rose 44:16 Season Only Buy on iTunes



  • Almost complete.

    By Bboy19999
    Value for content. But it is missing some of the specials, planet of the dead, and waters of mars from Tennant. And a Christmas carol from Smith.
  • Great Seasons - Poor Service

    By ourmutualfriend1313
    The show is great. The BBC/iTunes treatment of the show here is shocking. It’s HD everywhere else. The picture quality looks like a YouTube video in the earlier 2000s. The BBC has a history of not seeming to care about its output on iTunes and this is a further example of how little it cares.
  • Hd??

    By ksnow86
    Love these shows but not happy with picture quality on Apple TV 4k
  • Missing episodes

    By jaytheguvna
    This set is missing ‘The Planet of the Dead’ & ‘The Waters of Mars’. Very disappointing as these episodes are integral. However this isn’t as bad as the series 6-10 set that’s missing all the Christmas specials.
  • Missing episodes and no HD

    The idea of this is great. However the execution is terrible. The two specials that lead into David Tennant‘s final episodes are missing, and they are part of the story that leads up to that point. Also all of the specials plus season five was shot in HD, yet this is the an SD box set. Frustrating disappointing and a waste of money as a result
  • NO HD

    By thedvdzombie
    Come on Apple.....HD PLEASE!!!
  • No HD

    By phil160373
    This is hd on Netflix, here the picture is awful!! do not buy
  • SD & missing episodes

    By Chris4ord
    For some reason the picture quality is way poorer than it should be even for SD versions. I’d be happy to pay the extra to have series 1-4 in HD upscaled versions converted for the Blu-Ray release. Also series 5 in this edition is SD as well. Strangely the price for SD for series 1-5 is £19.99 it’s also only available in SD where as for series 6-10 in SD is £14.99 and HD is £19.99. The rating is just for the quality of the picture. The stories are great and would rate the series 5* (have them already on DVD just want digital copies for Apple TV) I would tell you more but ...spoilers.
  • Sequence is incredibly annoying

    By Zoev84
    I bought seasons 1-5 and 6-10, really happy with my purchase. Unfortunately they are combined in the TV app, so it goes: 1. Series 6, Episode 1, 1. Series 1, Episode 1, 2. Series 6, Episode 2, 2. Series 1, Episode 2, Any Christmas specials you buy separately (because they are missing from the 6-10 collection are put in the same list, at the beginning, also under the 1. numbering. I contacted iTunes hoping they could put the collections separately under the TV app list, or re-number them. They said that they can’t help. I believe that this is probably the BBCs fault and not theirs, but this has totally ruined it for me.
  • This isn’t complete

    By ALC36
    For some bizarre reason this collection does not contain 4 of the David Tenant specials.