The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

By Peter Jackson

  • Genre: Peter Jackson
  • Release Date: 2014-12-18
  • Advisory Rating: 12
  • Runtime: 2h 24min
  • Director: Peter Jackson
  • Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • iTunes Price: GBP 8.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
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Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson returns to Middle-earth with the final of three films based on J.R.R. Tolkien's enduring masterpiece. Set in Middle-earth 60 years before the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy, the adventure follows the journey of Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom from the fearsome dragon Smaug. Approached out of the blue by the wizard Gandalf, Bilbo finds himself joining a company of dwarves on a journey into wild, treacherous lands swarming with beasts of every ilk. After reaching Erebor and encountering the dragon Smaug, Five Armies assemble for an epic battle that could decide the future of all in Middle-earth.




  • Amazon Prime version is much better!

    By PinkPunk413
    Amazing movie of course but the quality is lacking-prefer Amazon movie rentals by far. Will not be using this service again.
  • An abomination.

    By Wye Photography
    Read the book first then watch this, you will know what I mean. Games Workshop fans will just cream themselves with excitement. An abomination.
  • An epic conclusion to a somewhat decent trilogy.

    By KarltoonTV
    This movie was epic from the start. It had the best first act than any of the hobbit and LOTR movies. Just like LOTR, each movie does get slightly better, with this one being the best in the hobbit trilogy. Even though the hobbit trilogy isn’t as good as the LOTR trilogy, it does have a lot going on. I will admit that the battle royal part went on for a bit too long, but thankfully the film as a whole isn’t three hours log. The cast were great, especially Thorin, Bilbo, Da, Gandolf and Evangine Lilly’s character. The ending itself wasn’t as emotional as LOTR, as it wa more of a ‘well, see you later’, which makes sense as the LOTR follows after the events of this film. But seeing as this is Peter Jackson’a final middle earth adventure, I kinda expected a little more emotion, even though there was. I do recommend this film and, yea, thank you Peter Jackson for making 6 great films. :)
  • Good

    By Silver1910
    A good watch.
  • Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

    By Farmer Ball
    I never could have believed that it was possible to spend so much money and effort to produce a film as bad as the first in this trilogy... then I watched the second one and was proven wrong. Now Peter Jackson proves me even more wrong. Jackson clearly has 'dragon sickness' like the leading character, seeing nothing but the promise of wealth and fame simply by vomiting up this hopeless, disorganised cinematic drivvle for the luckless masses. I spent my childhood playing in the same fields as Tolkien, a quiet corner of Birmingham on which he based Hobbiton, and I grew up first having The Hobbit read to me over and over and then reading it myself many times, and this bares almost no relation to the actual story or its sentiments. An insult to anyone who loves Tolkien, and to anyone who appreciates good filmmaking.
  • If I could give 0 stars, I would

    By Dangermouse1989
    I'm not going to waste too long saying how bad this film is and the trilogy it concludes. Throughout the previous films there was zero character development for the Dwarves. I don't care about them or their journey. A shoehorned love story that Tolkien never included. Added only to appeal to a wider demographic and to earn more money at the cost of integrity to the material. The beautiful landscape of New Zealand and the amazing sets created for The Lord of the Rings, have given way to CGI, plastic looking sets and scenery. This film will age extremely quickly as the CGI soaked mess looks rubbish now. Peter Jackson must have spoken to the same imaginary fairy on his shoulder as George Lucas did. Making a children's book into an epic film trilogy has failed tremendously. Greed has trumped heart. R.I.P middle-earth.
  • It was a shame that most of the movie was computerised!

    By Bubba beast
    As a complete lover of the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit films have really disappointed me. By the second movie I was sick of watching special effects when it was easy to recreate it in real life. However this particular movie was the best out of the three. It was cleverly linked to the Lord of the Rings and it did entertain me. BUT... The plot was predictable in most places and lost in all the emotional scenes. I found it hard to believe that one arrow could take down a troll whereas in the Lord Of the Rings it took more than fifty. Some of the characters did not fit the film and I felt that some acting choices were poor. I am quite ashamed that they have created such s disappointment after such a masterpiece which the Lord of the Rings was.
  • Was it really worth it?

    By angstman
    'Gold! Gold! Welcome my sisters sons, to the Kingdom of Erebor!..' So what now? Nice new car? Big house in the country? Nope. Penthouse in the city? Uh uh. OK then, some new Duds and a Macbook Pro? Not really. Well then, what? Not another leather blxxdy jerkin and bow and fxcking arrow...oh God! And the beer tastes like shxt as of Dragon baiting anyone?
  • get over it

    By Baldydafydd
    we love jacksons work and being entertained by cgi or imagination work it out or don’t bother…just waiting for the extended version with more cgi to digest than dragons breath yippieeeee
  • the worst of them all

    By don't watch couger hunting
    for the first five minutes of this movie it actually followed the book, and then after that it was all down to peter jackson, he really is not creative. the movies should of stopped at the second one, but typical to hollywood they thought they could destroy a great book by adding a load of crap and making more money.