Made In Chelsea NYC

Made In Chelsea NYC

By Made In Chelsea

  • Genre: Made In Chelsea
  • Release Date: 2014-08-10
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Made In Chelsea 435714343
  • iTunes Price: GBP 3.99


Chelsea's bright young things head out to New York for one big summer party.




    By HedleyWarbucks
    Yet again, another series pass and another bunch of people who are waiting. Time again I have this happen, time again I give the benefit of the doubt. iTunes, the reason people buy a series pass is because they don't want to watch it illegally and stream from somewhere else. Your reputation as being reputable is being tarnished. The reason, i and so many others want to have a series pass is because not being in the UK we want to watch a programme. Here's the thought: Don't offer a service you clearly can't fulfil! It's a shame because frankly I would have bought at least another two separate series passes for other programmes…but I'd rather not be disappointed yet again!
  • Episode 5 is still missing!

    By Ick114
    It wouldn't be so bad if iTunes communicated with us. A short line or two explaining why the episodes are late and when we can expect them would stop a lot of us complaining. But no, instead we read your silence iTunes as you really couldn't careless about your customers.
  • Episode 5 missing

    By alexp123
    Where is episode 5?? You have uploaded number 4 and then jumped straight to number 6…!
  • Episode 5?!? Oh and now episode 6?! Has someone forgotten abut us?

    By 'Ellsbells
    Still waiting.....
  • I want my money back.

    By Mike in Hong Kong
    This is nonsense. Where is 5?
  • Missing episode 5

    By Landofhopeandfears
    OK so episode 6 is uploaded today, but where is episode 5??? How can you make these many mistakes!
  • Series pass disappointment

    By DazzaQ8
    Where is series 5. Can't believe you have done this again . Get it sorted Your losing customers

    By A66142
    Where is episode 5? Waited ages for it and now you haven’t even given it to us!
  • Waiting always waiting

    By Norti1
    Why does it take so long for you to update each episode?????? Upload episode 5 please! And now 6!!!! Give us a refund, the season finished we've paid and still nothing hopeless iTunes!!!!
  • Where's episode 5

    By Picklelilly79
    Got 1-4 no EP 5 but can get 6 now?! Why??