The Honourable Woman, Series 1

The Honourable Woman, Series 1

By The Honourable Woman

  • Genre: The Honourable Woman
  • Release Date: 2014-07-03
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: The Honourable Woman 895825566
  • iTunes Price: GBP 12.99


Oscar-nominated Maggie Gyllenhaal stars in this tense thriller set against the complex tapestry of political and emotional conflict. As a child Nessa Stein witnesses the assassination of her father by the PLO. As an adult, equal parts idealist and pragmatist, she goes on to inherit his arms business, and changes its course to lay data cables between Israel and the West Bank. Her effort to reconcile the Israelis and Palestinians lands her an appointment to the House of Lords and creates an international political maelstrom, leaving her under the scrutiny of Whitehall and the CIA.



  • Beyond good!

    By andymch06
    This really has been one of the best drama series I have watched. Superbly acted, beautifully written.
  • Caricature of a thriller

    By Poilokiki2234
    Too slow and trying too hard to be smart. How to spoil a great subject..such a shame. Slow, boring... Caricatural
  • Confused, Confusing, Melodramatic

    By LondonYC
    I think the acting and plot has all the ingrediants of a great drama, but the execution is simply unbelievable.
  • Honourable woman

    By RizN00R
    Truly a great series. Amazingly shot, gritty story, realistic characters (MG pulled off british accent). Well worth it!
  • I had high hopes...

    By piotrga
    The middle east is such a mystical part of the world that I had really high hopes for this tv series. Unfortunately the plot is shallow. Main character… well I’d rather not comment.
  • The Honourable Woman

    By Popsilox
    Great series but where is episode 8???
  • The Honourable Woman

    By feraugosto
    excellent series - more like this please. I live abroad and have bought all the episodes. Please tell us BBC how long you will with hold episode 8! viewerws
  • What can I say.... Realistic.

    By Blue uniform
    Dispite time compressions for theatrical reasons, a realistic series as to how the wealthy can be manipulated by politial parties.
  • Where is episode 8????

    By New Disco Reggae Lover
    Where is episode 8, I’m hooked and very sad to find ‘an introduction’ in its place… sort it out please!
  • mrs

    By yetanotherviewer
    Why isn’t Episode 8 available? It’s almost a week since it was shown on UK TV.