Game of Thrones, Season 4

Game of Thrones, Season 4

By Game of Thrones

  • Genre: Game of Thrones
  • Release Date: 2014-04-07
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Game of Thrones 441216384
  • iTunes Price: GBP 17.99


HBO's epic series based on George R.R. Martin's bestselling book series returns for a new season of duplicity and treachery, nobility and honor, conquest and triumph. As Season 4 begins, the Lannisters' hold on the Iron Throne remains intact in the wake of the Red Wedding slaughter that wiped out many of their Stark nemeses. But can they survive their own egos as well as new and ongoing threats? Meanwhile, an unbowed Stannis Baratheon continues to rebuild his army; the Lannister-loathing ‘Red Viper of Dorne,’ Oberyn Martell, arrives at King's Landing for Joffrey's wedding to Margaery Tyrell; Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons and unsullied force aim to liberate the largest Slaver City in the east...with long-range plans to take back the Iron Throne; and a depleted Night's Watch faces the advance of Mance Rayder's wildling army, who are in turn running from the undead White Walkers.



  • A good struggle

    By LondonYC
    You can see how HBO is struggling with the slow pace of writing and the annual season releases by adding side plots that did not exist and sexy-ing up the plot. Whilst no harm has been done, you wonder how long they can keep up the deviation.
  • All men must die

    By A.S.6.
    It's as simple as that.
  • Amazing

    By Roast babbyxxx
    Great cast, great story, great effects. simple
  • Amazing series

    By rowan3x3
    Best series of the century
  • Bought all seasons fab

    By Baldydafydd
    Just as others have stated early release, quality product, outstanding show and fair price = buy, so stopping any copyright infringement well done iTunes and HBO bring on more of the same
  • Goes on getting better

    By mtl9
    Please can we sign up for series 5 as it happens in 2015?
  • Great

    By Silver1910
  • Rip off

    By Scottiesimp
    Brilliant series but Itunes as usual have changed the price about 4 times ! Its now £10 more expensive than last week and was £16.99 before that. HD Bluray is in HMV for £16.99 - its not as though its new its 2014 ! Itunes are robbin b's
  • Where are the subtitles?

    By gnomesishere
    Seasons 1 - 3 had subtitles but not this series is poor. Sort this out and I might be able to give 5🌟 though saying this, it is still the best series made.
  • fantastic as always but no subtitles

    By manex81
    The best ever TV series I’ve watched and it gets better each series. So exiting and tempting. Can’t wait for season five!. However, be aware that there is no subtitles and iTunes really needs to sort it out.