Love/Hate, Series 1 & 2

Love/Hate, Series 1 & 2

By Love/Hate

  • Genre: Love/Hate
  • Release Date: 2013-07-24
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Love/Hate 681105851
  • iTunes Price: GBP 13.99


A contemporary series set in the Dublin underworld. Darren Tracey is on a flying visit from Spain to celebrate the release of his brother from prison. Tragedy strikes when his brother is assassinated. Darren is left to look after his sister - a single mum, who is deeply traumatised by their brother's death. Thrown back into the heart of gangland Dublin, Darren does a few 'jobs' for his old boss John Boy Power, played by the award-winning Aidan Gillen. His sister's sanity, the safety of her children and wanting a girl he can't have who's never stopped loving him complicate the journey to his ultimate goal: revenge.



  • Amazing! And on iTunes first!

    By And In The Black Car
    Don't understand some of the other reviews. Its been pretty clear to me that this is series 1 and 2 gradually coming along. Was following the 5 broadcast a bit but for some reason they've stopped showing it? Thank the stars for iTunes for getting it up early - amazing! I get both series at a really low price before its even aired on TV. Outstanding.
  • An irish Sopranos ?

    By Machead01
    Maybe not quite, but is is irish, even if some reviewers mistakingly attribute another nationality! Some have described this series in the same breath as the aforementioned Sopranos and The Wire. The production values are not anywhere like those, but we're talking very different budgets here. And what has been created here on a shoe-string budget is rather good to put very mildly indeed. I've watched this series while it was aired originally here in Ireland, and now have it in my iTunes library. Season 4 is about to premiere over here in the next 10 - 12 weeks, and the 'Love Hate community' is already buzzing with anticipation. If you like gritty dramas, that don't polish over the darker side of crime/gangland lifestyles, then you will like this series. Series 1 may seem like a bit of a slow burner to some, but it's the way we irish do things, 'what's the hurry lads, sure it'll be grand'. In season 2 we see things getting a bit more 'deadly' as we say over here, there's even a little bit of regime change as the gang gets a new leader. Hey watch out for that 'Nidge' guy, comic one minute, psycho the next! By season 3 the gang are getting so big they draw down the attention of the law and 'some political types' with fatal consequences. But enough from me for now get yourself a season pass and delve into the backstreets of Dublin with John-Boy, Darren, Nidge, Tommy and Fran, it'll be deadly craic.
  • Good british series

    By Lady Gaynor Jane
    I enjoyed this, watched 1, 2 3 and then what has happened to 4 5 6….?
  • Love/hate

    By Amelia fournet-Sperduti
    Like 2 see Series3 love the Series
  • Misleading

    By hk eleven
    It's a bit misleading saying Season 1&2 - which have been released since 2010.. then you can only download a few episodes from season 1. I wouldn't have purchased if this was made more clear.
  • Savage!

    By London Boy 50
    Missing Sopranos & Breaking Bad? Well watch this. It won’t disappoint. Trust me it’s savage from the beginning to the end. Loved it!
  • great series, but…

    By miacono67
    Brilliant production that is for sure. I don't write many reviews but i felt so strongly about this i had to. I was so into this series, telling everyone i knew about it. That was until the swan scene! I'm sorry but i felt like throwing up and although I really wanted to keep watching I just couldn't bring myself to watch anymore, it totally ruined it for me. That scene was just too much, it still haunts me.