Bluestone 42

Bluestone 42

By Bluestone 42

  • Genre: Bluestone 42
  • Release Date: 2013-03-05
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Bluestone 42 604905725
  • iTunes Price: GBP 9.99


Bluestone 42 is a comedy drama about a British bomb disposal detachment in Afghanistan. So what’s the average working day for a hero? Make your keen young colleague deal with the boring paperwork? Wind up your fellow employees? Flirt with the new girl on the team? Or deal with an unseen enemy who’s trying to blow you up? Bluestone 42 is a comedy drama about a bunch of soldiers who just happen to be risking their lives diffusing hidden bombs. But who says they can’t have some fun alongside the serious professional stuff? This hilarious and often surprising series follows the adventures of a bunch of diverse characters living and working together at an army base in Afghanistan. This is a show about something easily forgotten; soldiers really enjoy being soldiers, but it’s not just a show for soldiers and it’s not just about the Army: it’s also a show for anybody who has ever fallen in love, experienced status battles at work or had a fear of failure. It is packed with the lively workmate banter and relationship minefields that most people will recognise. Even if they don’t face danger on a daily basis...



  • Bluestone 42

    By B1974-
    Amazing show,must watch. *****
  • Bluestone 42

    By Jackwdh
    Best ever MUST SEE
  • Bluestone 42 5 stars for me

    By Rlc Chico rc
    When I first saw heard this on radio 1 I fort sounds alright mite watch it. So I ended watching it and loved it fort it was so funny and had some good actors in so bonus. As I watched the first show I fell in love with the comedy. And as I am ex British army royal logistics corps I felt it was spot on and it's true unless you have been on the army and served you won't understand the banter and yes sometimes they don't get there story right or some of the things they do just wouldn't happen for real but that's what makes it even funnier which I enjoy and since then I fort it's so good I will buy it on iTunes and I have now got it for the rest of my life. I will say some story's make me feel they have taken out of the mash tv show but if they can learn from the old and turn it better then you have my vote. many thanks for looking! Chico
  • Bluestone42

    By Fibcocibby
    Caught this by chance when channel could say an english version of Mash! The lead honcho looks very like HRH Prince William, which somehow adds to the shows appeal, we were wondering if the casting agent thought this as well. I normally would flick straight past combat stuff (unless its Mash), but this stopped me in my tracks and my brother and i had a much needed good laugh throughout the episode, can't wait to see more and can't wait to here real soldiers review it, my bet is that they will love it. AT LAST! MASH WITH BRITISH AND SCOTTISH ACCENTS! Excellent.
  • Brilliant

    By Dave97rockstar
    Amazing, incredibly funny and doesn't offend soldiers!

    By Baby Zeus
    it is a very funny programme and mac is hilarious
  • Excellent!

    By Giles9602
    Be warned, the language is closer to 'Brit Squaddie Humour' and as such might raise a few eyebrows if you are not familiar with it., (i.e. know, are or have been one). And while some elements are not '100% accurate', you know what? Its a TV series and as such is allowed a little creative licence. All in all I give this 10/10 for dragging the memories of "Soldier, Soldier" kicking and screaming into a modern and current setting and mixing it all up with some great banter. So why are you still reading this? Off you .…!
  • Good Series still does´nt touch on Squaddie 'Humour though

    By Venetianer
    Good funny and very enjoable series. but as a serving member of the forces points to note: squadie humour is something that you will never understand unless you have served, stagged on or said something witty in the middle of a fire-fight. it has long been sought for in vain I may add, by every director since the days of "Soldier Soldier" (I fondley remeber the fake Combat Helmets in the first series) and like the Fabled Gold of Eldorado, has never been found, either by the said director or cast for that matter.
  • Looking Ally!

    By 2 PWRR
    As a soldier in the infantry it does indeed give me a few chuckles even tho some parts are incorrect its not such a bad series. It shows the real threats that are faced during the day to day life for all soldiers not just the IED teams and puts a good twist on it. Not bad.
  • Mr

    By Stephen Carter
    Bluestone 42 it was a tv seasons