Sherlock, Series 1 & 2

Sherlock, Series 1 & 2

By Sherlock

  • Genre: Sherlock
  • Release Date: 2010-07-25
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Sherlock 383318006
  • iTunes Price: GBP 12.99


Set in 21st Century London, this thrilling, funny, fast-paced contemporary reimagining of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic features some of Sherlock Holmes' most famous adventures. Co-created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as his loyal friend, Doctor John Watson.



  • Amazing!

    By ameswright23
    The scripting is brilliant and the casting is also great! The actors really do the script great justice! Best show love it!
  • Beat television around

    By Beee14
    All round perfect program Im new to it but its rapidly become my absolute favourite show. I've become sherlock obsessed. 10/10
  • Brilliant

    By A.J Moore
    Yes it's really as good as everyone says. Amazing
  • Excellent

    By Dougal69
    Really good
  • Excellent.

    By Dan Peeters
    Remains true to the original books, while being one of the most modern and up to date series at the moment. Possibly the best British Drama Series of all time.
  • Fantastic!

    By Dr Rik
    The modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes is masterful. Every aspect of this series is fantastic and can be watched again and again
  • Sherlock

    By Cherricandi
    I love Sherlock soooooo much! It's the best TV drama I've seen and I'm addicted to it!! I must have watched each of them over again about 20 times?! (NO EXAGGERATIONS)
  • Sherlock

    By theimmortalman
    Before Benedict Cumberbatch's quite frankly AMAZING discovery, cast in to the dazzling spotlight of a Modern Day Adaptation of arguably one of the most inspirational fictional truly dark characters for the forces of Good, at least in print, for me, there had not been a satisfactory actor that captured said darkness as it was meant to be done. Dear Benedict for me, truly gave Sherlock Holmes the LIFE no other actor has been able to,and Doctor Watson, and indeed Mycroft, Morriaty, JUST SUPERB. If ou do one thing JUST for entertanment's sake, for yourself, THIS is a must by way of HD Purchases, an adaption superbly executed, thus a pleasure rating off the chart. :) Go on, for once, treat yourself, it is one word "Eleantary" by deductive reasoning.
  • Sherlock Holmes

    By Bluemuffincat
    This was amazing BUY it if you like detective shows can't wait for season 3
  • Words can not describe

    By IndizzzzXD
    I am obsessed this show is the best thing ever since anything!!! It's amazing I don't know how I ever lived without it in my life. It's the best thing on television. Just superb and witty and brilliant😍😍😍😍