For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only

By Michael Polish

  • Genre: Michael Polish
  • Release Date: 2011-07-12
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 27min
  • Director: Michael Polish
  • iTunes Price: GBP 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
From 15 Ratings


A journalist runs into a lover from her past and together they travel across France.



  • A change from the norm… in a good way

    By hfd79
    So many romance films these days are cheesy, cliché or both, but this film is effortlessly beautiful. It was so natural, in the way in which it was filmed as well as in the way the story was told, it almost didn't feel like a film. It helps that the actors and the locations were also gorgeous, but the real magic in this film lies with its simplicity. No gimmicks or unnecessary drama. The relationship between the two characters is compelling enough to have you watch it from beginning to end. I love that they made this film on almost a zero budget. Hollywood should take note - money isn't everything. A big thumbs up for the independent film-maker.
  • Absolutely Mesmerising

    By Mostowska
    Honestly, one of the best movies I've ever seen.
  • Amazing

    By summer72hbs
    this is an amazingly beautiful love story. No need for big blockbusters and heavy budgets. Just watch - it's simply stunning.
  • Beautiful. Stunning. Poetic. Mesmerising

    By Starstruk79
    No words can describe how beautiful this film is. It captures the feeling of being is love, and its imperfections, so perfectly. If someone described the film to me (independent film about love shot in black and white) I wouldn't have guessed I'd have liked it, but after watching 10 mins of it I was mesmerised. Acting is flawless and captivating. First time I watched this it plunged me in to a deep depression, second time I felt euphoric. Truly special and Stana was amazing.
  • Bland

    By sweedie01
    I have an art background and tend to go for world cinema and movies less mainstream but I am sad that I paid so much for this film. It has nothing to do with a low budget or the actors - it's more to do with its lack of content for me. I found it tedious and lacking in expression, emotion and structure. Got nothing from this movie
  • Indulging in cringing clichés

    By amndne
    A succession of clichés. Superficial. No plot. No passion. No humanity. Pretty pictures that would be okay for 3 minutes. Worst movie ever.
  • Love...

    By Leeza_xoxo
    Such A Beautiful Movie Watched It Cause Im A Fan Of Stana Katic Shes An Amazing Actress
  • So Beautiful

    By AmyD11
    This movie is so beautiful. there is really no other words to describe it. the way in which Polish Tells the story and films the movie is completely perfect. it's refreshing from the usual Hollywood stuff, it's romantic, it makes you laugh and cry…this movie has set a high standard for other independent movies…and I for one will be watching this movie for the rest of my life. :)
  • elongated parfume ad

    By Graeme FINEGAN
    read the reviews and decided that this was the film for myself and my fiance! This was a bad decision. This is the first time i have reviewed a movie on iTunes, and i just thought how could this film have been watched by the previous 47 reviewers and been enjoyed - so i choose to review. This film has absolutely no heart what so ever, every relationship in the movie is lacking passion and drive. There is no reason for the viewer to ascertain that these two actors even like each other, their actions, words and gestures are reminiscent of two planks of wood, lying in a dump yard somewhere. I love emotive films which really really do illustrate the life of two 'in love' people, this is not it! The film trailer was nice, the had the makings of a nice foreign film, set in france, two passionate lovers….but when the film began and i heard the two american actors i felt immediately conned. the trailer also had some nice shots of a very impressive backdrop, the romantic paris, bicycles and all the usual cliche but acceptable props of a romance story set in Paris. however thee is only so much, unfocused/focus, light exposure in the film lens one can take. All in all, this film is nothing more than a generic perfume advertisement elongated into over one an a half hours! And not only that - -i wouldn't buy this perfume, because it screams superficial and empty sentiments.
  • love can be a pain

    By flying-berd
    What an amazing film! I loved the fact that it was in b&w. I think it forced you to concentrate on the story of Sofia & Yves and not on the surroundings. It was a sad story about two people in love and it was a happy story about two people in love. What else can you expect from love anyway? Sometimes though I had a feeling that I was looking at the couple through a peephole. It was so intimate and I was a creep watching them. But then again it was so sweet to see them like that. From the moment I saw the guilt in Yves and Sofia though, I knew this wasn't going to end well. There's no happy ending. Then again if it took them 8 years to meet again, perhaps when they find the courage they'll decide to be together again for ever. So there's my happy ending Mark and Stana, thank you for making this movie :-)