Silent Witness, Series 14

Silent Witness, Series 14

By Silent Witness

  • Genre: Silent Witness
  • Release Date: 2011-01-03
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Silent Witness 393523917
  • iTunes Price: GBP 10.99


Silent Witness returns for series 14, delving once more into the world of forensic pathology and the personal lives of the team. Nikki becomes increasingly disturbed after carrying out the post-mortem of a young girl and while on secondment in Sheffield, she is asked to investigate a mysterious, ancient body that has been unearthed from a peat moor. The team also investigates two suspicious suicides - a young woman, pulled from a river near an army base and a soldier in training, shot in the face. As the police investigation builds, the team starts to wonder if these two deaths are linked. Crime drama starring William Gaminara, Tom Ward and Emilia Fox.



  • Bloodlines Pt 2

    By MLHSJ
    WHY have i just paid fpr part 2 when its a repeat of part one???????? I want my money back and i wont be buyig any more episodes until i get it! what a hables Itunes!!
  • Bloodlines Pt 2

    By jamessgordo
    So many people have pointed out that part two is missing and that we HAVE in Fact paid for it...yet there are no explanations or attempts to set this right.....I want to see what happened to Harry ...after all he was apparently dead...So glad to find that he survived but how did they plot this???Please sort this out i tunes
  • Great! But wrong episode....

    By Incalisa
    Great series, very watchable, but a real shame when the last episode of the series is the wrong one.... and have been told we have to wait 2-3 weeks to get the right one! The Prodigal part 2 is not as its title suggests, PLEASE CHANGE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  • Mix up needing a non Silent Witness

    By highcroft
    Like others I have similar problem with Bloodlines 2. However when I played Prodigal 2 --- lo and behold I got Bloodlines part 2. Now I just need Prodigal 2.
  • Part 2 bloodlines

    By A.S.1
    Would be good to get what we paid for please!!
  • Silent witness series 14

    By ljsnooze
    Very good, except when I went to view The Prodigal part 2 it was actually Bloodlines part 2 which considering other reviews I was pleased at; but I am now wanting to know what happens in The Prodigal part 2. All in all very good!
  • Where are the part 2s?

    By SasAle
    I am hanging on a cliff right now! Please iTunes sort it out - love Silent Witness (5 stars - it's great!) but not happy part 2 of Bloodlines and Prodigal are still not available (1 star - hate it!)...booooooo! Overall score, 3, because it's just OK...
  • Why so poor?

    By Ripley LV426
    I find it staggering that itunes can mess up the running order of a series and then take an age to correct it. Most of the commentary here is about this problem and yet still nothing. Clearly itunes do not listen to their customers and don't read the comments. Come on itunes - sort it out. Bloodlines part 2 (duplication of 1) has been removed, but not replaced. If you watch The Prodigal part 1, the second part of Bloodlines is ruined. Oh well..................................still waiting.................................still waiting............................
  • excellent series, bloodlines 2 solution coming soon

    By Emma_T_94
    I have contacted iTunes about Bloodlines part 2 and they seem to have taken it off at the moment. They told me to check back in a few weeks (writing this on 16/02/2011) and it should be fixed. However, for people wanting a review on the actual series (not a fault), it's excellent and always has amazing plotlines which keep you guessing right to the end!
  • silent witness MISSING ENDING EPISODES!!!

    By margaretanita
    penultimate & last episode only have Part !. What happened I Tunes.? should have the rest of the storiesas clips ..should be listed as incomplete... DON"T PAY FOR THE SERIES AS YOU CAN"T VIEW IT ALL!!