Lost Boys: The Thirst

Lost Boys: The Thirst

By Dario Piana

  • Genre: Dario Piana
  • Release Date: 2010-10-15
  • Advisory Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 1h 21min
  • Director: Dario Piana
  • Production Company: ApolloMovie Beteiligungs
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
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A bloodsucking fiend is ready to party down vampire style and take over the world. All he has to do is slip ravers a new designer drug that will turn them into a rave-on army of global-dominating vein-drainers. But not if vampire hunter Edgar (Corey Feldman) has anything to say - and do! - about it. Joined by a cute comics clerk and a muscle-bound (especially between the ears) reality TV star, Edgar and brother Alan (Jamison Newlander) man up for a new hellaciously hemo-splattering showdown. It's the third Lost Boys movie. Quench The Thirst!




  • .

    By Jizzedmapants
    never been so disappointed, even though the first movie was obviously a hard job to keep up with , the fact the sequel was such a failure, ruined the experience of the original lost boys. i do find myself wandering if any parts of it where to any level of satisfaction , and unfortunately not. the movie doesn't even receive a star for effort, only for the fact this review won't be submitted without one. anyway, happy movie watching, and I'd recommend spending your money on something more costworthy.
  • Actually a really good film,

    By Georgee;)
    Okaay so alot of people have said the films not as good as the first one , and yes that's true , but most films aren't ever as good as the first x And personally I really enjoyed the film , it's a generally really good film with some good twists and I recommend buying:)
  • Corey Feldman!!

    By Faux__Livia
    Ok so the story isn't great but I still love Corey...I can't help it..sorry. The special features are interesting especially a deleted scene where Corey visits Sam's ( Corey Haim) grave and others where Corey Haim actually appears..they were cut due to Corey Haim's sudden death. The original can't be repeated or reproduced
  • Crap

    By Fletch1223
    Absolute garbage.. Fine until Corey Feldman attempts to act do not buy this film Corey's acting is shocking. I'm disturbed by it,and wounded at the cost and waste of money
  • Good fun

    By craigyluvspudz
    This was never gonna be great but I ended up loving it
  • Help

    By Ellis ggggg
    It isn't downloading can sum 1 help
  • Lost Boys

    By withers89
    do not waste your time on this one or the seconed lost boys, the original is by far the best the two sequals are not a patch on the first
  • Mega mega mega film :)

    By Big_Nige
    Really good, just as good as 1 & 2 :)
  • They've done it again

    By ollyvampire117
    This film was perfect, definitely lived up to the expectations of the first one, as did the second one, I don't get why people say these things, they are all excellent movies and equally as Epic as the next, basically it's a beautiful and action packed thrill, I defo recommend buying it :D
  • lost boys; the thirst

    By spongc
    So poor its good. Poor story line, poor acting compared to the original. But forget that and enjoy it, its a film you can sit there with friends and just laugh at how poor it is compared to the first. however, check they have the same views as you as you as you may end up with no friends due to wasting two hours of life.