• Genre: Robert Zemeckis
  • Release Date:
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Production Company: South Side Amusement Company
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  • A wonderful film

    By Chopdog in Surrey
    And a treat for the eyes and brain!
  • Absolute classic - Must watch

    By Johnnyhodges
    Title says it all.
  • Beautiful

    By Review of Reviews
    Absolutely awesome film
  • Brilliant

    By Jimbob balloobob
    Just watched this...2019. Fantastic and moving. A really enjoyable film to watch. Can't believe it's from 1997!!
  • Excellent movie

    By zzplural
    One to be appreciated by anyone interested in astronomy. 4 stars rather than 5 because it doesn't appear to have a chapter selection facility (at least the version I have doesn't) when played in iTunes.
  • Modern classic

    By Iammillsey
    Just like almost every Robert Zemeckis film Contact sets the bar for anything that followed. The technical wizardry in this is fantastic. The acting, the direction, the writing is all first class. The subject matter will cut the audience in half. But that's a good thing right? Sceptics vs believers. I will rate this a 5-star because the film deserves it, but I have a gripe not to do with the film. Apple, why is the HD version of this so expensive? This film alone teaches us that we should move forward. You are forcing some people to buy the less advanced SD version. Rant over. Enjoy the best sci fi film ever made.
  • No chapters or extras?

    By GhostDragon33
    As above. But has to be the best sci fi story out there. Carl Sagan bravo!
  • Still holds up well

    By fire&ice
    WARNING - Trust me do NOT watch the preview. Almost the entire film is given away. That is an outrageous preview, talk about spoilers. Somebody show some restraint. If you haven't seen this film trust me it's a classic. Good story, well acted the effects still work. Photography works well with the VFX. It's a reference film for anyone in film visual effects. Just watch the 'mirror shot' and you'll understand what I mean. That isn't a spoiler (unlike this preview) shame on you WB or Apple ( more likely it was Warner Brothers) I want to buy the HD so why won't Warner Brothers sell it, they wonder why people download illegally, ill tell you why ... cos you won't sell it!
  • Such a great movie!

    By Callllllumc
    Went into this not expecting much but was so wrong. The opening scene is incredible and the rest of the film is great. If you like 2001: a space odyssey and/ or Carl Sagan you will really enjoy this film. In fact you'll enjoy it is nice to watch something that makes you think for a change.
  • Superb

    By craigstir