The Omega Man

The Omega Man

By Boris Sagal

  • Genre: Boris Sagal
  • Release Date: 1971-11-26
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 38min
  • Director: Boris Sagal
  • Production Company: Walter Seltzer Productions
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
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  • A good sci fi and horror action classic

    By Hybridteen1995
    It's loosely based on I am legend by richard matheson there are three adaptions to this novel the faithful movie the last man on earth with Vincent price as Robert Morgan, second is this one the omega man charlton heston and the third that borrows elements from the book and the two movies together will smith...but this movie the omega man is got to be the most effective out of the three cuz they don't use vampires like in the novel they use albino diseased people that hate the light they are like a cult they call themselves the family all of them want to bring Neville down to his knees and to kill him because the disease had made them all sick and only Neville is the last one alive who is immune to the sickness or is he the only survivor you just have to find out it's a pretty good movie if you love the classic films that are action packed and the acting is good and the music is great too I recommend it to anyone who loves the book of I am legend even though it doesn't follow all the story from the original novel but it's worth your time my friends it's a really good film
  • Great Original

    By Neil's Media
    This was the original film that was remade into Wil Smiths 'I am Legend' its a classic Charlton Heston and as far as I'm concerned far, far better than the remake. Charlton Heston gives a good role as the hero. If you like original shock flicks then this is for you.
  • Olide but a goodie

    By Nospeke frenche
    I agree this is the original "last Man on Earth" movie and is a lot better than "I am legend" which I saw recently. The part I always remember about this movie was the scene at the Cinema when Charlton Heston is watching the Woodstock Festival ! Great movie still to be surpassed. Even though it's dated, shot in 1971, its still well worth a watch Rent it you might even decide to buy it !
  • The Omega Man

    By Daddydayo
    I am Legend is the associated film that comes to mind when I now look at the original. It's not fair to compare an original and a remake. Firstly both films take a slightly different take on the same story and fit with the concerns of the day in which the are made. The original is a bare bones kind of affair. It relies on acting and a terrific performance by the famous Charlton Heston to retain pace, story, narrative and cinematic interest. The exterior shots of the deserted and decaying city are both atmospheric and frightening. The high angle and presumably chopper based shots at the beginning do more than just create a sense of scale, they establish the magnitude of the disaster and hint at the hopelessness of one man, alone against the odds. The film seems to play to a fear of the unknown. The release of the biological warfare agent could represent the fear of Communism infecting America and the Omega Man could be the last bastion of the free world against the impending Red hordes. Looked at today, the Heston character could be seen as the voice of Science and reason raised against the back drop of America's Religious Right and their desire to return to the 'old ways' because it was the evil of Science that brought about man's self destruction. I enjoyed watching the film again, although I thought the female lead was weak compared to today's film standards. At the t,or her character would have been innovative, in particular because this was a Black Woman with a White man and racial segregation was common in the US.
  • The Omega Man

    By Pandizora
    It's still the best adaption of Richard Matheson's classic book 'I Am Legend'...where biological mutants replace the books vampires spread by an epidemic. Few stars other than Charlton Heston could have so much screen time (he's the last survivor, or is he?) alone and is never boring...a great supporting cast, seventies clothes, jive talking' and a monster soundtrack from Ron (The Avengers, The Prisoner) make this a movie you have to see!!!