Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun

By Audrey Wells

  • Genre: Audrey Wells
  • Release Date: 2003-09-26
  • Advisory Rating: 12
  • Runtime: 1h 53min
  • Director: Audrey Wells
  • Production Company: Tatiale Films
  • iTunes Price: GBP 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 2.49
From 527 Ratings


From the studio that brought you Sweet Home Alabama comes the extraordinary romantic comedy starring Academy Award (R) nominee Diane Lane (2002 Best Actress, Unfaithful). Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book, Under The Tuscan Sun follows San Francisco writer Frances Mayes (Lane) to Italy as a good friend offers her a special gift -- 10 days in Tuscany. Once there, she is captivated by its beauty and warmth, and impulsively buys an aging, but very charming, villa. Fully embracing new friends and local color, she finds herself immersed in a life-changing adventure filled with enough unexpected surprises, laughter, friendship, and romance to restore her new home -- and her belief in second chances.




  • Excellent!

    By shelly58
    Really enjoyed this film so much, light hearted, made me laugh, ideal to watch when feeling blue, so cheered me up! :)
  • Great, Great, Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    By Burnt Toffees
    Loved this film from start to finish!!!!!!:)
  • Love

    By Anonymus523
    I absolutely love this film! It's amazing, a real feel good film for me :) x
  • One of my Favourites !

    By Ssaarrraahhh
    I have watched this movie so many times that i have lost count. The first time i ever watch this movie it got very emotional. This truly is a beautiful movie, very emotional, light hearted and uplifting. I love watching movies that have a meaning.
  • Shocking !!

    By ipodbhoy
    Watched this film whilst on holiday in Tuscany, film was shocking, made Leap Year look good. I hope the tuscan tourist board don't use this for promotion purposes, 30secs in Florence, and about 60 secs in italan village and then mad trips to Rome & coast, this isn't disneyland But you should visit Tuscany anyway, great place and food, not a great film !!
  • Stereotypical pastiche trying hard

    By Drogvucy
    I was aware I was supposed to be feeling something warm and fuzzy, but this film left me curiously emotionless. The screen play led to scenes of over-ripe national stereotypes and life situations, with direction that provided underwhelming performances. It became easy to second-guess the end of scenes -even the next line - as they were played. However, the vibe and situation was so charming that I did want to like it... but couldn't.
  • Total mush!

    By Lona25
    This started off well with some good lines and after reading the reviews I was hoping for a nice feel-good film. Once the film switched to Italy the scenery was beautiful and truly captured the imagery of Tuscany, but the screenplay was poor. The film was full of clichés and stereotypes of Italian men. Much of it was predictable, and the other parts were unrealistic. I watched to the end hoping that it would redeem itself, but unfortunately the ending was even worse than the middle!
  • Yawn

    By New Mac User
    Having read other reviews I was disappointed with this film. The story was pretty boring really. It did have a few funny moments, but certainly not worth the money.
  • bland

    By sal_c
    To be fair, I watched it 14 years after it was released but I fancied a chick flick and this was recommended. It is formulaic, predictable, relies on stereotypes, it's badly acted and there is nothing to recommend it. The only reason I am giving it 2 stars instead of 1 is that I am sure there are worse films available. V disappointing.
  • boring

    By lovetalent
    tedious. do not buy it under any circumstances, it should be a 99p rental.